Thursday, February 20, 2014

Las Vegas: Bouchon Bistro

Date of visit: February 2, 2014

Originally I planned to go to Mon Ami Gabi for brunch on our last day in Vegas, but I also really wanted to try out Bouchon Bistro. They are both high rating French bistros located on the strip. After reading the reviews, I decided to go to Bouchon Bistro instead of Mon Ami Gabi for brunch choice, as some reviews say Bouchon Bistro is more like a traditional French bistro. We were in Vegas from Thursday, January 30, 2014 to Sunday, February 2, 2014. It was a short trip but long enough for us as Vegas is getting super expensive for everything, and all I really wanted to do in Vegas was to eat at nice restaurants.

Bouchon Bistro is located inside The Venetian, and we walked there from Caesar's Palace, where we stayed for our trip. Although the hotels are all on the strip, the places are actually very big and walking from a hotel to another could take somewhere between 10 to 30 minutes. It took me about 10~15 minutes to get The Venetian from Caesar's Palace. 

When we arrived Bouchon, it was very busy but no crazy line out of the door as I thought it would be (I hate waiting so I was totally fine with that). We were told that there's a 20-minute wait time, and they offered to text us once the table's ready. We got the text within less than 15 minutes. When I walked in, I saw there was a bar full of fresh seafood, such as lobsters, crabs, clams, and three kinds of oysters. 

Server was very friendly and overall the service was very attentive. It seems like they are very busy, but when the server handed us the menu she still took her time to explain the daily special to us. My boyfriend and I ordered two coffees and three items: 1/2 dozen Oysters (assorted) ($18), Chicken & Waffles ($26) and Jambon et Oeufs ($26) (not really sure about this one. I remembered it said something like Pork Loin on the menu, but I couldn't find it on the menu, and when the dish was served, they were clearly just ham).

Shortly after we placed our order, we were served with complimentary bread with butter and the famous homemade strawberry jam. I really appreciate the fact that they serve complimentary bread even for brunch. Many high-end restaurants in Vancouver now don't serve complimentary bread, which I don't understand because they already charge so much for everything on the menu and now all in a sudden bread & butter are also worth $6 or more on the menu. Thus, during my visit in Vegas, I was surprised and happy to find that many of the nice restaurants still serve complimentary bread. I really enjoyed the homemade strawberry jam; it's not overly sweet and paired perfectly with the bread. We were given another bread after we finished our first one, and the waiter kindly gave us some more jam when I requested. 

The Chicken & Waffles, which I ordered, looked huge. We were told that it was half chicken per serving. The roasted chicken was very moist and tender. I could find the bacon and chive bits in my waffles. The waffles tasted quite interesting as they were not super crunchy and airy inside. This dish did not disappoint me. 

I could not really remember my boyfriend's order Jambon et Oeufs. There were four pieces of thick ham, eggs, potato and toasts. Tasted okay but very ordinary.

The portion for the food that we ordered was big and satisfying. Our water and coffee mug were always filled. When we were done and asked for the bill, our server was very kind and asked us if we would like two coffees for to-go. I was wowed by the service and how far they were willing to do to go beyond for the customers. Our total came to $84 after tax, and I told my boyfriend "This is the most expensive brunch I've ever had in my life." Don't get me wrong. I totally enjoyed the place, had a fantastic dining experience there and cannot wait to go back to try out their Sourdough Waffles

Service: 5/5
Value: 3.5/5
Food: 4/5 (Chicken & Waffles is definitely the dish to go with.) 

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