Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New York: Locanda Verde

Date of visit: May 10, 2014

So, here we are at New York. We decided to start our food journey with Locanda Verde as our first stop. Locanda Verde is located in Tribeca area, walking distance from the subway. The streets in the neighborhood felt like Yaletown.

As our flight was delayed for 4 hours, by the time we got there, we've missed the reservation and was told that it would be 2.5 hour wait for a table. We were so hungry and decided to hit the bar area as there's no wait. I found the 2.5 hour wait time weird, because the kitchen closes at 3pm and we arrived at around 2ish, plus the restaurant was not fully packed. There were some empty tables. I was not sure if making customers wait was a normal thing in New York, but it seemed very strange to me.

As soon as we sat down, we were given brunch menu. We asked to start with some tap water. After ten minutes, the server asked us what we would like to drink, we told him we'd like to start with some coffee. After another 10 minutes, another server at the bar took our brunch order. 20 minutes went by, we received our brunch orders, but still have not received our coffee. We asked the first server again, and we believed he forgot about it, as he offered the coffees on the house and apologized.

It was very sad that the Pumpkin Agnolotti was not available on that day; I saw that on the brunch menu on their website and thought it would be a wonderful dish to try.... We ordered Sheep’s Milk Ricotta with truffle honey and burnt orange toast ($15) and Steak Tartara Piemontese with wagyu beef, hazelnuts and black truffle ($22) as our appetizers. Boyfriend ordered 8 Hour Tripe with Fried Egg ($16) and I ordered  Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with blueberries and meyer lemon curd ($17).

Our appetizers. My boyfriend liked the Steak Tartara but I did not find it any special. I loved the Sheep's Milk Ricotta though. It just paired with the toast perfectly, though I think the toasts were way too burnt.

8 Hour Tripe that my boyfriend ordered. The tripe was prepared in a very different way, as we both were more familiar with the Chinese way. We found it quite special, though it was too salty for me. I also thought the portion was quite small.

I ordered Lemon Ricotta Pancake. The lemon curd was very sour, but fortunately the blueberries were sweet. The ricotta pancakes tasted very different from regular pancakes as I believed the ricotta made the pancakes smoother yet denser. I enjoyed the dish, but $17 was quite expensive for the pancakes.

Overall, Locanda Verde did not meet our expectation. The food was ok but the service was very poor. The server did not bother to check with us at all, and I guess it's because he's too busy chatting with the female customers sitting beside me. Some dishes were great but nothing really outstanding. Oh well, at least the food here was quite different than what we normally would go for brunch.

Service: 2/5
Value: 2/5
Food: 3/5

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